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Title Series 7: Museums and Galleries
Accession number MS2011.01
Object Name Museums and Galleries
Series ID MS01.07
Parent Object ID MS01
Collection David C. Driskell Papers
System of arrangement Folders arranged alphabetically according to institution name and arranged chronologically within folders.
Description This series documents David Driskell's relationships and interactions with cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, and establishments primarily concerned with artwork and exhibitions (e.g. community art centers, printmaking workshops, and art institutes). This series contains correspondence, writings, memoranda and meeting minutes, agendas, loan agreements and forms, invoices, notes, exhibition catalogues, announcements, brochures, invitations, newspaper clippings, articles, writings by Prof. Driskell, photographs, slides, and transparencies among other items. Highlights include materials from the Museum of African Art board of commissioners, on which Prof. Driskell sat during the planning of the museum and its subsequent construction on the National Mall as well as Prof. Driskell's own impromptu drawings which include sketches of new acquisitions from the Museum of African Art and color paintings of stained glass windows for the Reginald F. Lewis Museum. Information related to university art galleries is also located in this series, however material for art foundations, associations, festivals, projects, and informal groups can be found in Series 8: Organizations.
Dates of Creation Inclusive dates: circa 1930-2012.
Bulk dates: 1970-1990.
Level Series
Creator David C. Driskell
Language of Material English
Containers ACA Galleries, 1988-2003
70 Art Gallery, 1995
Adams Davidson Galleries, [undated]
Addison Gallery of American Art - "To Conserve a Legacy" exhibition, 1998
Adelson Galleries, 1996-2003
Adept New American Museum, 1990
African American Cultural Center (North Brentwood, MD), 2004
African American Museum (Dallas, Tex.), 1975-1993
African American Museum (Dallas, Tex), 1998-2006
African American Museum in Philadelphia, 1979-2008
African Art Gallery, Inc., 1979
Afro-American Cultural Center (Charlotte, N.C.), 1986-1998
Africus Institute for Contemporary Art - Johannesburg Biennale, 1997
Albany Museum of Art (Albany, GA), 1998
Alexandre Gallery, 1989-2005
Alexandria Black History Museum, 1999
Alitash Kebede Gallery, 1983-1993
Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, 1996-2003
American Craft Museum (New York, N.Y.), 1995-1996
American Folk Art Museum, 1986-2007
American Folk Art Museum - Panel discussion, 2001-2002
Amistad Center for Art and Culture, 2001-2008
Amistad Center for Art and Culture - Board of Trustees, 1996-2009
Amistad Center for Art and Culture - Silent Auction, 2003
Anacostia Community Museum, 1976-1992
Anacostia Community Museum - 1997-2000
Anacostia Community Museum - Artist/Scholar Exhibition, 1996-1998
Anacostia Community Museum - Deborah Willis-Kennedy, 1998-2000
Anacostia Community Museum - Lecture and Book Signing, 2002
Anacostia Community Museum - Loan Agreements, 1998-2003
Anacostia Community Museum - "On Their Own" Exhibition, 2004
Anacostia Community Museum - Robert Hall, 1999 - 2002
Anacostia Community Museum - "Speak to My Heart" Exhibition, 1997
Anacostia Community Museum - Studio Art Tour, 2004
Angus Whyte Gallery, 1975
Annex Galleries (Santa Rosa, CA), 1992
Arkansas Arts Center, 1986
Arlington Arts Center, 1990
Art Center of Battle Creek - "Journey to Freedom" Exhibition, 2001-2004
Art Gallery. University of Maryland, 1976-2007
Art Institute of Chicago, 1992-2007
Art Institute of Chicago - Exhibitions and Lectures, 2002-2003
Ascension Gallery, 1998-2000
Babcock Galleries, 1988-1992
Baltimore Museum of Art, 1986-1992
Baltimore Museum of Art, 1994-1999
Baltimore Museum of Art, 2003-2005
Baltimore Museum of Art - Discussion and Lecture, 2002-2004
Baltimore Museum of Art - Druid Hill Park Symposium, 1995-1996
Banks Haley Gallery, 1978
Banneker-Douglass Museum, 1982-1987
Barnes Foundation, 1990-1995
Barnes Foundation - News Articles, 1989-2000
Barnett-Aden Gallery, 1988-1992
Barnett-Aden Gallery, 1992-2009
Barnett-Aden Gallery, 1961-1975
Barridoff Galleries, 1982
Bellevue Gallery of Fine Art - Larry Hilton, 1987-1999
Belmont-The Gari Melchers Memorial Gallery, 1998-1999
Benbow Gallery, 1978
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, 1987-1989
Bethune Museum and Archives, 1978-1986
Beverly Sacks Fine Art, Inc. - Correspondence, 1993-1994
Bill Hodges Gallery, 1994-1999
Birmingham Museum of Art (Birmingham, AL) - Driskell lectures, 1987-2005
Blue Heron Gallery (Deer Isle, ME), 1992
Bomani Gallery (San Francisco, CA), 1992-2002
Bomani Gallery - Driskell Exhibitions and Sales, 1997-1998
Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 1988-2004
Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 1973-1975
Braarud Fine Art, 1997-2001
Brandywine Workshop, 1987-2006
Brenau University Galleries, 2005-2006
Brockman Gallery Productions, 1977-1982
Broida Museum, 1986
Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1989-1993
Brooklyn Museum of Art, 1962-1981
Butler Institute of American Art, 1988-1993
California African-American Museum, 1981-1995
California African-American Museum - Brochures and Catalogues, 1981-1987
Carnegie Museum of Art, 1977
CDS Gallery, 1994-1995
Center for Maine Contemporary Art, 1992-2001
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, 1986-1996
Lee Nordness Galleries, 1969
Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives, 1988-1989
Charleston Museum, 1976
Cheekwood Museum of Art, 1989-2003
Chicago History Museum - Archibald Motley Exhibit, 1990-1991
Cincinnati Art Museum - Narratives exhibit, 1999-2000
Cinque Gallery, 1998
Cleveland Museum of Art, 1977-1978, 1999-2003
Cleveland Museum of Art - Deed of Gift, 2005-2007
Colby College Museum of Art - "David Driskell: Recent Work" Exhibition, 1988-1989
Collector’s Gallery (New York, NY), 1979-1980
Columbia Museums of Art and Science, 1983
Columbus Museum (Columbus, GA), 1990-1995
Columbus Museum of Art, 1989
Community Folk Art Gallery, 1983
Connecticut Gallery - Charles E. Porter exhibit, 1986-1987
Cooper-Hewitt Museum, 1990-1991
Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1976-1990
Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1994-2004
Crane Collection, 1986-1987
Cress Gallery of Art. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2008
Crocker Art Museum, 1987-1989
Cyrus Gallery, 1988
Dallas Museum of Art, 1983-1988
Dallas Museum of Art, 1989-1999
David And Alfred Smart Museum of Art. University of Chicago, 1986
David Beitzel Gallery, 1996-1997
Davis Gallery (New Orleans, La.), 1994-1995
Dayton Art Institute, 1997-2002
DC Moore Gallery, 1995-2006
DC Moore Gallery - Driskell Exhibit, 2005-2006
Delaware Art Museum, 1992-2004
Denver Art Museum, 1988
Derrick Joshua Beard Gallery, 1990
Detroit Institute of Arts, 1975-2002
Diggs Gallery. Winston-Salem State University, 1992-1998
Diop’s African Art Gallery, 1989
DuSable Museum of African-American History, 1976-1998
E III Gallery, 1995
Edward Shein Gallery, 1986
Euphrates Gallery, 1986-1992
Evans-Tibbs Collection, 1981-1998
Evans-Tibbs Collection - Exhibit catalogue essays, 1988
Everson Museum of Art, 1986
Farnsworth Library and Art Museum, 1998-2008
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1991-2001
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - Driskell lecture, 1997-1998
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - Narratives exhibittion, 1999
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - “Odun De” symposium, 1994-1995
Flint Institute of Arts, 1999
Folk Art Gallery, 1990-1995
Fondo del Sol Visual Arts and Media Center (Washington, D.C.), 1984-2008
Fondo del Sol Visual Arts and Media Center (Washington, D.C.) - Other Gods exhibition, 1985-1987
Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 1991-1998
Foundry Gallery, 1980-1998
Freer Gallery of Art, 1977
Frist Center for the Visual Arts (Nashville, TN), 2000-2007
Frost Gully Gallery, 1973
Galerie Americana, 1988-1989
Galerie Triangle, 1979-1980
Gallery 1221, Inc., 1982
Gallery Caribe, Ltd., 1987
Gasperi Gallery, 1992
Gibbes Museum of Art (Charleston, SC), 1977-1979
Gold/Smith Gallery, 1991-1992
Greater Lafayette Museum of Art, 1983
Greenville County Museum of Art, 1985-2005
Greenville County Museum of Art - Driskell exhibit, 2006-2008
Nassau County Museum of Art, 1986
Grove Gallery, 1980-1987
Hallie Ford Museum of Art, 1999-2000
Hammonds House Galleries, 1994-1998
Hampton University Museum, 1991-2001
Hampton University Museum - International Review of African American Art, 1992-2004
Hampton University Museum - Newsletter, 1992-1999
Hand Workshop Art Center, 1998
Harmon and Harriet Kelley Collection of African American Art, 1998-2001
Harris Auction Galleries, 1983
Harris Brown Gallery, 1984-1986
Hatch-Billops Collection, Inc., Driskell interview, 1996-1997
Helen Foresman Spencer Museum of Art - Aaron Douglas exhibition and catalogue, 2004-2007
Helen Foresman Spencer Museum of Art - Susan Earle, 2009
Hemphill Fine Arts, 1997-1999
Henry Francis du Pont Wintherthur Museum, 1980
Heritage Galleries of Fine Arts, Inc., 1974
Heritage Gallery, 1977-1999
High Museum of Art, 1984-2008
High Museum of Art - David C. Driskell Prize, 2001-2012
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 1977-1994
Hobe Sound Galleries (FL), 1974-1982
Hobe Sound Galleries North, 1989-1991
Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1994-1995
Hood Museum of Art, 1989
Horwitch LewAllen Gallery, 1995
Iandor Fine Arts, Inc., 2001-2006
In the Gallery (Nashville, TN), 1993-2003
Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1981-2002
Intar Latin American Gallery, 1988-1989
International Sculpture Center, 2003-2004
James E. Lewis Museum of Art, 1960-1964, 1990-2003
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, 1999
Janet Carter Gallery, 1989
Joan Whitney Payson Gallery of Art, 1977-1989
Jonathan Green Studios, Inc., 1999-2008
Joslyn Art Museum, 1980-1981
Joysmith Gallery, 2001-2008
Judith Klein Gallery - Gerald Jackson exhibition, 1970-1996
June Kelly Gallery, 1983-2003
Katonah Museum of Art, 1996-1997
Kenkeleba House, 1985-1992
Klein Art Works, 1987-1988
Kreeger Museum, 1995-2004
Kromah Gallery, 1981-1983
Kubatana Moderne (Atlanta, GA), [undated]
La Galerie Mouffe, 1973
Laguna Gloria Art Museum - Harlem Renaissance exhibition, 1988-1989
Leica Gallery (New York, NY) - Saturday Night/Sunday Morning exhibit, 2002-2003
Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts, 1995
Life of Maryland Gallery, 1986
Lisa Schiller Fine Art, 1986
Louisiana State Museum, 1978
Luise Ross Gallery, 1993-2001
M. Hanks Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), 1988-1998
M. Hanks Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), 1999-2007
M. Hanks Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) - Appraisers Association of America, 2000
M. Hanks Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) - Walter Williams exhibit and catalogue introduction, 2004-2005
MaimyEtta Black Fine Arts Museum and Historical Society, 1993-1995
Manhattan East Gallery of Fine Arts, 1992
Marlborough Gallery, Inc., 1996
Martha Jackson Gallery, 1977
McIntosh Gallery, 1987
Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, 1976
Meredith Gallery, 1988
Meridian Gallery, 1997-2007
Meridian Gallery - David Driskell exhibition, 1999-2000
Merton D. Simpson Gallery, 1977
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1976-2002
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 1995-1999
Middendorf Gallery, 1989
Midtown Payson Galleries, 1985-1993
Newark Museum - Advisory Council, 1997-1998
Midtown Payson Galleries, 1994-1995
Midtown Payson Galleries, 1996-2008
Midtown Payson Galleries - Driskell "Recent Works" exhibition, 1993
Milwaukee Art Museum, 1981-2000
Milwaukee Art Museum - Driskell lecture, 2003-2004
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 1997-2004
Minneapolis Institute of Arts - Driskell lecture, 1998
Mint Museum of Art, 2007
Mississippi Museum of Art - Catalogue introduction, 2001
Mississippi Museum of Art - Loans to exhibition, 1990
Montclair Art Museum, 1993-1996
Montpelier Cultural Arts Center, 1979-1998
Musee Sainte-Croix, 1986
Museum for African Art (New York, NY), 1995-1996
Museum of African American Art (Los Angeles, CA), [undated]
Museum of African American Art (Tampa, FL), 1991-1992
Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL), 1991
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - "A New World" exhibition, 1983
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Driskell lectures, 1985-1995
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1974, 1997-2008
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Driskell lecture, 1997-1998
Museum of Mankind (London), 1980
Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), 1989-2008
Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago, IL), 1986
National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center - African American dance exhibit, 1996-1999
National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center - Craft exhibition and symposium, 1992-1993
National Center of Afro-American Artists, 1975-1991
National Civil Rights Museum, 1990
National Gallery of Art, 1972-1988
National Gallery of Art - Driskell lecture, 1989-1990
National Gallery of Art - Internships for Diversity in the Museum Profession, 1989-1996
National Gallery of Art - News releases, 1978-1981
National Gallery of Art - News releases, 1982-1987
National Gallery of Art - Puryear exhibition, 2008
National Gallery of Canada, 1978
National Liberty Museum, 2003-2004
National Museum of African American History and Culture, 2003-2012
New York State Museum, 1988-1989
National Museum of African Art, 1975-1979
National Museum of African Art, 1979-1980
National Museum of African Art, 1980-1981
National Museum of African Art, 1982-1987
National Museum of African Art, 1988-1990
National Museum of African Art, 1991-1992
National Museum of African Art, 1993-2004
National Museum of African Art - Board of Commissioners, 1984-1989
Newark Museum, 1977-2002
National Museum of African Art - Board of Commissioners, 1990-1995
National Museum of African Art - Board of Commissioners, 1996
National Museum of African Art - Board of Commissioners, 1997-2002
National Museum of African Art - Driskell presentation, 1989-1990
National Museum of African Art - Minkisi/Stoudt exhibition and book, 1992
National Museum of African Art - Phillip Ravenhill, 1997
National Museum of African Art - Search Committee for Director, 1996-1997
National Museum of African Art - Sylvia Williams, 1983-1996
National Museum of American History, 1979-1990
National Museum of American History - American Visions Foundation and Magazine, 1983-1999
National Museum of Natural History - African Voices project, 1994
National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1995
National Portrait Gallery, 1983-2000
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - Driskell lecture, 1991
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Driskell lecture, 2007
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - Aaron Douglas artwork, 2007
Neuberger Museum of Art, 1997-2002
Neuberger Museum of Art - Catlett exhibit, 1996-1998
New Jersey State Museum, 1996-1998
New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York, N.Y.), 1990-1998
New Orleans Museum of Art, 1984-2003
New Orleans Museum of Art - Catlett exhibit, 1983
Newark Museum - Harmon Foundation Exhibition, 1986-1990
Newport Art Museum, 1998
Nexus Gallery (New Orleans, LA) - Driskell exhibit, 1977-1978
Noel Gallery (Charlotte, NC), 2008
Noel Gallery (Charlotte, NC) - Driskell exhibit, 2001-2003
Norton Museum of Art, 1995-1997
Nyangoma’s Gallery, 1981
Oak Ridge Community Art Center, 1984
Oakland Museum of California - Driskell lecture, 1982
Oklahoma Museum of Art, 1983-1991
Onyx Gallery, 1986
Ophelia’s of Birmingham, 1988-1989
Orlando Museum of Art, 1997-1998
Parrish Art Museum, 1974
Paul R. Jones Collection. University of Delaware Museums, 1999-2004
Paul R. Jones Collection, University of Delaware Museums, Articles and brochures, 2001-2005
Peg Alston Fine Arts, 1991-2007
Pelloon Fine Art (Washington, DC), 1987-1991
Penine Hart Gallery, 1994
Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1984-1991
Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2001-2005
Philbrook Museum of Art - "The Eloquent Object" Exhibition, 1983-1984
Philbrook Museum of Art - "The Eloquent Object" Exhibition, 1985-1987
Phillips Collection, 1977-2008
Pine Tree Gallery, [undated]
Portland Museum of Art, 1978-1998
Portland Museum of Art, Art exhibit juror, 2000-2001
Premier Artworks, Inc., 1988-2000
Priscilla Hartley Gallery, 1973
Queens Museum of Art, 1998
Rathbun Gallery, 1989
Raydon Gallery, 1976
Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, 2001
Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, 2002-2005
Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, 2002
Roger King Gallery of Fine Art, 1999
Royal-Athena Galleries, 1986
Salander-O’Reilly Galleries, 1996
San Antonio Museum of Art, 1986
San Diego Museum of Art, 1995
San Jose Museum of Art, 1976
Satori Fine Art, 1997
School 33 Art Center - Driskell exhibit, 1988-1992
Seattle Art Museum, 1986
Seattle Art Museum - Driskell lecture, 2002
Selma Burke Art Center - Driskell exhibit, 1976-1977
Shannon Fine Arts, 1989-1990
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI), 1989-1994
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, 1987-1998
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI), 1995-2005
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI) - Driskell exhibition, 1992
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI) - Driskell exhibition, 1994-1995
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI) - Driskell exhibition, 1999-2000
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI) - Driskell exhibition, 2001-2002
Sherry Washington Gallery (Detroit, MI) - Driskell exhibition, 2003-2004
Shifflett Gallery, 1985-1988
Smithsonian American Art Museum, 1974-1990
Smithsonian American Art Museum, 1991-2008
Smithsonian American Art Museum - Charles C. Eldredge Prize, 1988-2007
Smithsonian American Art Museum - Driskell lectures, 1982-1985
Smithsonian American Art Museum - Clarice Smith Distinguished Lectures in American Art, 2007
Smithsonian American Art Museum - Driskell Panel Discussion, 1983
Smithsonian American Art Museum - William H. Johnson exhibition and symposium, 1991-1992
Smithsonian Associates - Lectures and events, 1995-2000
Smithsonian Institution, 1976-2000
Smithsonian Institution - Afro-American Studies Program, 1989-1991
Smithsonian Institution - "Color Me Mankind" exhibition, 1969-1970
Smithsonian Institution - Five Year Prospectus, 1980
Smithsonian Institution - Hearing for the establishment of an African American Museum, 1989
Smithsonian Institution - National African American Museum Project, 1989-1990
Smithsonian Institution - National African American Museum Project, 1991-1994
Smithsonian Institution - Scholarly Studies Program grant, 1998
Smithsonian Institution Libraries - National Museum of African Art, 1989-1990
Smithsonian Institution Libraries - National Museum of African Art, 1990-1992
Smithsonian Institution Press, 1987-1988
Smithsonian Institution Press - African American Visual Aesthetics correspondence, 1991-1998
Smithsonian Institution Press - African American Visual Aesthetics drafts and proofs, 1995
Smithsonian Institution Press - African American Visual Aesthetics essays, 1992-1994
Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, 1986
Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service - "Seeing Jazz" exhibition, 1994-2000
South Carolina State Museum, 1983-1992
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, 1987-1995
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art - Awards in the Visual Arts, 1983
Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, 2003-2008
Sragow Gallery, 1997
St. Louis Art Museum, 2005
St. Louis Art Museum - Driskell lecture, 2002-2003
Stanford University Museum of Art, 1994
Stella Jones Gallery, 2002-2006
Stella Jones Gallery - Driskell exhibit, 2002-2003
Studio Museum in Harlem, 1969-1979
Studio Museum in Harlem, 1980-1986
Studio Museum in Harlem, 1987-2003
Studio Museum in Harlem, Announcements and brochures, 1981-1999
Studio Museum in Harlem - "Harlem My Home" essays and checklist, 1985
Studio Museum in Harlem - "Harlem My Home" essay (Driskell), 1985
Studio Museum in Harlem - "Harlem My Home" exhibition, 1985
Studio Museum in Harlem - "Harlem My Home" grant proposal, 1985
Sutton’s Black Heritage Gallery, 1980
Swann Galleries, 1996-1998
Tennessee Fine Arts Center, 1972-1974
Terry Dintenfass, Inc., 1978-2002
Tibor de Nagy Gallery, 1997
Toledo Museum of Art, 2002
Touba M'Backe Gallery, 1986
Troyer Gallery, 1996-1998
Tubman African American Museum, 2003
University of Kentucky Art Museum, 1990-1991
University of North Florida Gallery of Art, 2008
Vanderwoude Tananbaum Gallery, 1991-1992
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, 1986-2004
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1983-2008
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - Driskell lectures, 1987-1998
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - "Narratives of African American Art and Identity" Exhibition, 2001
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art - Artwork loans, 2003
Walker Art Center, 1995-1996
Walters Art Museum, 1977-2009
Walters Art Museum - Driskell lecture, 1985-1986
Walters Art Museum - Driskell lecture, 2003-2004
Washburn Gallery (New York, NY), 1975-1997
Washington Arts Museum, 1998-1999
Washington Irving Gallery, 1984
Waterworks Visual Arts Center, 1986
Whitney Museum of American Art, 1971-1998
Williams College Museum of Art, 1986-1987
Winston-Salem Delta Fine Arts, Inc., 1994-2002
Woodmere Art Museum – Hovenden exhibit, 1995
Worcester Art Museum, 1997-1999
Workshop, Inc. - Jacob Lawrence Print Project, 1986-1998
Wright Gallery, 1985-1996
Zimmerman Saturn Gallery, 1987
Art Institute of Chicago - Driskell lecture, 1990-1991
Albany State University - Exhibition and Lecture, 1977-1978
Bates College Museum of Art, 1976
Benedict College - Inaugural Art exhibit, 1986-1987
Bowie State University - Driskell exhibition, 1978
Brandywine Workshop - James Van Der Zee Award, 1983-1992
Brandywine Workshop - Contemporary Abstraction in African-American Printmaking, 1989-1990
Brandywine Workshop - Offset Institute, 1985-1986
Center Gallery. Bucknell University, 1983-1985
Chrysler Museum of Art, 2001
Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries, 1968-1969, 2001
Cleveland Community College Art Gallery, 1992-1994
David Winton Bell Gallery. Brown University, 1997-1998
Bert Gallery (Providence, RI), 1988
Mather Gallery. Case Western Reserve University, 1984
National Gallery of Art, 1989-2009
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, 1986
Shirley Fiterman Gallery. Borough of Manhattan Community College, 1995
Workshop, Inc., 2004
Amelie A. Wallace Gallery. SUNY College at Old Westbury - Driskell exhibition, 1988-1989
Arthur Ross Gallery. University of Pennsylvania - Driskell lecture, 1991
Blanton Museum of Art - Driskell lecture, 1988-1989
Carl Van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts, 1998-1999
Carl Van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts - Minnie Miles, 1991-1992
Colby College Museum of Art - Paul J. Schupf Wing for the Art of Alex Katz, 1996
Colby College Museum of Art, 1990-2004
Colby College Museum of Art - Collection inventory, 1989
Colby College Museum of Art - Advisory Council, 1989-1991
Colby College Museum of Art - Board of Governors, 1993-1995
Colby College Museum of Art - Board of Directors, 1996-1998
Diggs Gallery. Winston-Salem State University - Exhibition catalogues, 1992-1994
Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art. Wichita State University, 1978-1981
Emily Lowe Gallery. Hofstra University - Harlem Renaissance exhibition, 1983
Foster Tanner Fine Arts Gallery. Florida A&M University, 1994
Georgia State University Art Gallery - Larry Walker exhibition, 2000-2001
Hampton University Museum - "To Conserve a Legacy" exhibition, 2000-2001
Hope Horn Gallery. University of Scranton - Successions exhibition, 2003-2004
Howard University Gallery of Art - Alumni exhibition, 2004-2005
Louisiana Art and Science Museum, 1996-1997
Museum of Art and Archaeology. University of Missouri - Driskell lecture, 1990
Museum of Art at the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, 1995
North Carolina Central University Art Museum, 1979
Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art. Marquette University - Driskell lecture, 1989-1990
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, Exhibitions, 1987-2004
Rockland Center for the Arts (West Nyack, NY) - African American Printmakers exhibition, 1994-1995
Student Activity Center Art Gallery. Stony Brook University - Driskell exhibition, 1997-1998
Talladega College - "Japanese Woodblock Prints" exhibition, 1957
Telfair Museums (Savannah, GA), 1989-1991
Tougaloo College Art Gallery, 1978-1982
Albin O. Kuhn Gallery - University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1980
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Art Galleries - Darrell Walker exhibition, 1996-1997
Valparaiso University Center for the Arts - Driskell lecture, 1983-1984
Mint Museum of Art - "Celebrating the Legacy of Romare Bearden," 2002
African Art Museum of Maryland - Newsletters, 1983
American Museum in Britain - Letter, 1972
Anacostia Community Museum - Resource Booklet, [undated]
Baltimore Museum of Art - 90 Year Celebration, 2004
Bellevue Arts Museum, 1984
Brewer Ludlow Gallery - Partnership Proposal, [undated]
Carl Van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts - Stieglitz Collection, 1972-1981
Gallery 72 - NW Bell Art Correspondence, 1981
Just Above Midtown Gallery - Linda Bryant, 1979
Metropolitan Museum of Art - Teacher Packet, 1996
Museum Questionnaire, 1981
New Orleans Museum of Art - "The Teacher Workbook for a Museum Experience," 1973-1974
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1970-1992
Providence Athenaeum - Correspondence, 1977
Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art - "A Century of Black Photographers, 1980
Smithsonian American Art Museum - Black History Month, 1983
St. Louis Art Museum - Driskell Lecture-Binder, 2003
Tennessee State Museum - Correspondence, 1973
Tennessee State Museum - Minutes, 1972
Colby College Museum of Art, 1973-1989
Christie's - Sale of Important American Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture, 2003
Conner Rosenkranz, 1996
D. Sole and Son, [undated]
Guarisco Gallery, [undated]
Linda Hyman Fine Arts, 1994