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Title Faith Ringgold Study Room Collection
Accession number MS2016.03
Object Name Manuscript
Series ID MS03
Collection Faith Ringgold Study Room Collection
System of arrangement The collection is arranged into 21 galleries. These galleries are informed by the way that Faith Ringgold envisioned it. The first 16 galleries feature a binder or binders for each gallery, that sit in magazine holders, and display images of Ringgold’s artwork in various mediums and are arranged in chronological order. Most of the 16 galleries contain primary source materials, which are located on a shelf below the magazine holder and are arranged chronologically by folder title and then chronologically within each folder. The remaining five galleries are located on a bookshelf and feature books followed by primary source for each gallery. The books in each gallery are arranged first by the artist’s numbering system and then the remaining books in the gallery continue with her numbering but are arranged chronologically. The primary source materials within these galleries are either arranged chronologically or alphabetically by folder title and then chronologically within each folder.
Gallery 1a: Early Works, 1948-1968 (1 binder, 31 works)
Gallery 1b: Paintings, 1963-2012 (1 binder, 63 works; 1 box)
Gallery 2: Tankas, 1972-2010 (1 binder, 62 works)
Gallery 3: Quilts, 1980-2010 (1 binder, 129 works; 1 box)
Gallery 4: Quilt Editions, 1990-2014 (1 binder, 84 works; 1 box)
Gallery 5: Paintings, 1971-2012 (2 binders, 233 works; 1 box)
Gallery 6: Illustrations, 1991-2015 (20 binders, 331 works. Binders are in 2 boxes)
Gallery 7: Studies, 1990-2009 (1 binder, 33 works)
Gallery 8: Drawings, 1966-2014 (1 binder, 79 works; 1 box)
Gallery 9: Dolls, 1973-1986 (1 binder, 55 works; 1 box)
Gallery 10: Soft Sculpture, 1974-2007 (1 binder, 56 works)
Gallery 11: Masks, 1973-1985 (1 binder, 60 works)
Gallery 12: Performance, 1975-1991 (1 binder, 32 works; 1 box)
Gallery 13: Posters, 1970-2012 (1 binder, 26 works)
Gallery 14: Prints, 1970-2014 (1 binder, 87 works; 1 box)
Gallery 15: Artists Books and Self-Published Books, 1970-2012 (9 binders in 1 box)
Gallery 16: Games, 2008-2013 (1 binder; 1 box)
Gallery 17: Books By or About Faith Ringgold, 1967-2016 (1 binder; 349 books; 6 boxes)
17a: Books By Faith Ringgold- Children’s, 1991-2016 (35 books; 2 boxes; 2 VHSes)
17b: Books by Faith Ringgold - Adult, 1980-2015 (5 books; 1 box)
17c: Books About Faith Ringgold, 1967-2016 (305 books; 2 boxes; 1 DVD)
17d: Books by Faith Ringgold - Self-Published, 1991-2010 (4 books; 1 box)
Gallery 18: Writings, 1969-2012 (15 books; 2 boxes)
Gallery 19: Exhibition Catalogues, 1968-2016 (230 books; 5 boxes; 1 VHS; 1 DVD)
Gallery 20: Reviews, 1972-2016 (32 books; 1 box)
Gallery 21: All About Faith Ringgold, 1964-2016 (68 books; 7 boxes; 5 VHSes; 3 DVDs; 1 CD)
Description The papers of artist, author, activist, and educator Faith Ringgold consist of books, binders of artwork, and primary source material that date from 1948-2016. The papers focus on her body of work in various art mediums ranging from works on canvas, paper, sculpture and performance, editions, and games. The largest portion of her papers consists of the archives, which contain books and other writings by or about Ringgold, exhibition catalogues, reviews, and resume items.

The Faith Ringgold Study Room Collection is organized into 21 series, which Ringgold denotes as “galleries.” The records are organized based on Faith Ringgold’s original order, and materials that were unorganized by Ringgold were inventoried and arranged by Driskell Center staff to fall into Ringgold’s organizational schema. The 21 galleries fall into five larger categories: Works on Canvas (Galleries 1a-4), Works on Paper (Galleries 5-8), Works in Sculpture and Performance (Galleries 9-12), Works in Editions (Galleries 13-16), and Archives (Galleries 17-21). Galleries 1a-16 feature binders containing images of Ringgold’s artwork in various mediums. Ringgold compiled these binders; they provide a visual history of her career as an artist. Some galleries between 1a-16 also include primary source material associated with images or the medium of the gallery. Galleries 17a-21 consist of her archives, which include: books and writings by or about Faith Ringgold, exhibition catalogues, reviews, and primary source materials such as letters, sketches, and ephemera.

The 21 galleries are, in order of their arrangement: Paintings (on canvas), Tankas, Quilts, Quilt Editions, Paintings (on paper), Illustrations, Studies, Drawings, Dolls, Soft Sculpture, Masks, Performance, Posters, Prints, Artists’ Books and Self-Published Books, Games, Books by and/or about Faith Ringgold, Writings, Exhibition Catalogues, Reviews, and All About Faith Ringgold.
The first four galleries (Galleries 1a-4) fall into the category of Ringgold’s “Works on Canvas,” broken down into the following media: Paintings (1948-2012), Tankas (1972-2010), Quilts (1980-2010), and Quilt Editions (1990-2014). The Paintings gallery is divided into two separate galleries: Early Works (1948-1968) and Paintings (1963-2012). Researchers will find correspondence, sketches of quilts, notecard folios, and other ephemera in the Paintings, Quilts, and Quilt Editions galleries.
The next four galleries (Galleries 5-8) fall into the category of Ringgold’s “Works on Paper” broken down into the following media: Paintings (1971-2012), Illustrations (1991-2015), Studies (1990-2009), and Drawings (1966-2014). Researchers will find brochures, images, sketches, and other ephemera in the Paintings and Drawings galleries.

The next four galleries (Galleries 9-12) consist of Ringgold’s “Works in Sculpture and Performance” divided into the following media: Dolls (1973-1986), Soft Sculptures (1974-2007), Masks (1973-1985), and Performance (1975-1991). Researchers will find images, news articles, scripts, and other ephemera in the Dolls and Performance galleries.

The next four galleries (Galleries 13-16) fall into the category “Works in Editions” and include the following media: Posters (1970-2012), Prints (1970-2014), Artists Books and Self-Published Books (1970-2012), and Games (2008-2013). Researchers will find correspondence, print drafts, notes, playing card designs, order forms and other ephemera in the Prints and Games galleries.

The remaining five galleries (Galleries 17-21) consist of Ringgold’s archives. The gallery Books By and/or about Faith Ringgold is the largest and it is split into four sub-galleries: Books by Faith Ringgold–Children’s; Books by Faith Ringgold–Adult; Books About Faith Ringgold; and Books by Faith Ringgold–Self-published. The sub-galleries Books by Faith Ringgold–Children’s contains a copy of every children’s book written by Faith Ringgold including her first, Tar Beach. The gallery also contains drafts of children’s stories/books, and other ephemera related to the books. The sub-galleries Books by Faith Ringgold–Adult contains copies of the first and second editions of her memoir We Flew Over The Bridge and her most recent book A Letter To My Daughter, Michele Wallace, in response to her book, Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman. This sub-series also contains early drafts or galley copies of both books. The sub-galleries Books about Faith Ringgold contains the bulk of the collection, containing 300 books, magazine articles, and other publications about Faith Ringgold which were published from 1967-2016. Researchers will find articles, photos, early drafts of books, and other ephemera. The sub-galleries Books by Faith Ringgold–Self-published contains copies of The French Collection, Coming to Jones Road (Second Edition), and Coming to Jones Road Part II. Researchers will also find early drafts of The French Collection.

Writings (Gallery 18) contains a collection of writings by Faith Ringgold in various publications and mediums from 1969-2012. The gallery contains stories, song lyrics, story quilt texts, speeches, essays, drafts, notes, and research.
Exhibition Catalogues (Gallery 19) contains 230 exhibition catalogues that feature Faith Ringgold’s artwork from 1968-2016. Exhibition catalogues include solo exhibitions focused on Ringgold as well as group exhibitions in which one or more of her pieces were included. Researchers will also find clippings and ephemera of various exhibitions including notable exhibitions such as The Artist & the Quilt and Faith Ringgold: Twenty Years of Painting, Sculpture and Performance (1963-1983).
Reviews (Gallery 20) is a collection of reviews about Faith Ringgold and her artistic career from 1972-2016. Items include magazines, newspaper clippings, and collections of reviews put together by Faith Ringgold.

All About Faith Ringgold (Gallery 21) contains numerous items about Ringgold’s life and career from 1964-2016. Researchers will find numerous items, some of which include documentation of awards and honorary doctorates that she has received; chronologies and short biographies of her life; transcripts of interviews that she has given; material related to her activist role in groups that she helped create or was a part of (most notably, the Judson 3); and correspondence from fans, publishers, and personal acquaintances.
Level Collection
Date 1948-2016
Quantity 0
Child Records Works on Canvas: Early Works
Works on Canvas: Paintings
Works on Canvas: Tankas
Works on Canvas: Quilts
Works on Canvas: Quilt Editions
Works on Paper: Paintings
Works on Paper: Illustrations
Works on Paper: Studies
Works on Paper: Drawings
Works in Sculpture and Performance: Dolls
Works in Sculpture and Performance: Soft Sculpture
Works in Sculpture and Performance: Masks
Works in Sculpture and Performance: Performance
Works in Editions: Posters
Works in Editions: Prints
Works in Editions: Artists Books
Games and posters for the people: Quiltuduko